sunflower art 2


Beauty in a stream

Why do I struggle to paint

this picture of hues

to satisfy you?

I don’t think I have it

whatever it might be to

hold your heart.

Restless nights staring at stars

using my super powers

trying to lasso that crazy moon

that keeps pretending to be

a porch light left on showing

the way home to you.

Why do you keep tempting

this old battered heart

making it believe dreams

yeah, do come true!?

I’m afraid these hues in a stream

shall remain as close as I’ll ever be

to placing you on a canvas

with a smile upon your face.

beauty in a stream

Hard to understand

Shine under the bed

shotgun by the door

dogs on the porch

life was hard

to understand.

Church on Sunday

preacher dropped by

every Monday evening

to wet his appetite

and count the offering plate.

Gospel in the holler and hills

tracks of coal dust in the house

black lung poached nearby

a single cough meant death

was near by along with

harsh winter nights

but chicks stayed warm

under the belly stove.

Two-room schoolhouse

team of horses, sleigh

never missed a school day

nor was there a snow day

to play or pray.

Life was hard to understand

as a child

but I miss those times spent with

Uncle Moses and friends.