burn baby burn

It’s just after midnight
glancing out the window
witness streetlights
are lost planets
in search of home.
A crumbled paper
a poem lies on the floor
it seems to be staring at me
and then asks
why are you throwing away
a part of life, you
that somehow might give
someone a reason to believe
life is more than a shade
of gray.
I hear the traffic pass by
a siren in the distance
I remember the man
sitting on the curb
smoking a cigarette
the woman with kids
screaming at them
and how can I forget
the sign do not disturb.
There is so little to paint
but come late night
the brush comes to life
as the stars wink
and man walks on the moon
singing a spiritual tune.
From my heart comes
thoughts of you
and I find myself returning
to my shell
where sudden motion
noise and fear
collide upon my brain
and I become afraid
watching memories burning.

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burn baby burn

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